About Adriana Cerrotti

Adriana Cerrotti is a multidisciplinary artist from Buenos Aires Argentina, based in the USA, Atlanta, GA. Formerly a Disney animator, she is a drawer, painter, photographer, and designer. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University and a Master of Science degree in User Experience Design from Kent State University.

Adriana’s artistic career began as a drawer and fine art painter working with local artists, such as Luis Mastro. She exhibited in gallery exhibitions, salons, and a solo exhibition at the Recoleta Cultural Center of Buenos Aires. Her skill as a Traditional Animator gained international attention and the opportunity to move to New Zealand and Australia, where she worked on the Walt Disney first Oscar-nominated Best Animated Short Film. 

Moving to Los Angeles with her husband, she began her academic studies, exploring a deepening interest in technology and the new opportunities for artistic expression that provided. During the COVID-19 pandemic, a strong call to return to her artistic roots became overwhelming, so she decided to return to where her career began, dedicating herself entirely to painting, with great reward and satisfaction. 


About A.Cerrotti's Works

Cerrotti's present work theme is the feminine, the intended, destined, karmic, desired, unwanted, stigmatic, cliché, proud, and suffering woman. Her modal is character creation, as a metaphor for her former career. Adriana explores these characters from different perspectives, as a creator and observer. Unlike in the past, the artist now works using digital oil brushes, markers, and pencils also, while occasionally, she also works with acrylics and oil. At times, Cerrotti combines both technics. As a User Experience Designer, she worked extensively using graphic software and doing some coding. Her present work incorporates those familiar elements and experiences. Such as QR code attached to the artworks that use permanent identifiers for the web to direct the viewer to a particular page forever as part of the painting's journey through time. 

Van Der Plas Gallery, New Yor, NY.
Collective Exhibition
"Under The Mask. A Metamorphosis"


Gallery Underground, Arlington, VA 22202

National juried exhibition



Art Hole Magazine. Liverpool, London, UK.

Featured artist.


Art Center Sarasota, FL 

National juried exhibition

“The big Show”


Selection of past Exhibitions


Recoleta Cultural Center (paintings), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

solo exhibition


Sur Gallery, Providencia, Santiago de Chile.

Contemporary Art Supermarket


Filo gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Collective exhibition

“Artist’s Boxes”


Benito Quinquela Martin Sivori Museum, La Ribera Theatre, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Collective exhibition

V Paintings Salon


National Salon of Mar del Plata, Mar del Plata, Argentina, 

Collective painting exhibition.


Municipal Museum of Quilmes. Argentina.

“Bienal Nacional de Pintura”


Cultural Center Andreani. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

“August Salon, Saap”


Espacio Giesso, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Collective painting exhibition.

“Actualidad en el Arte”.

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