July 8, 2020

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"See Me?"

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By Adriana Cerrotti

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About the painting 


A. Cerrotti created this artwork in July 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our view of reality changed during this period, and our primary way of interaction was through the internet. 


The artist created this artwork with digital brushes and palettes using a table that acts as a canvas. "See Me?" has a unique QR code attached to it that uses permanent identifiers for the web to direct you, the viewer, to this particular page forever as part of the piece's journey through time.

The Artist's Intention


With ever-increasing speed, our society continues to escalate towards a symbiotic union between humans and the technologies that we rely upon. This artwork links, both the observer and the image through the implemented immersion of technology, and it memorializes itself in its admirer/owner's vision and name.

Thank you for watching!

"See Me? By Adriana Cerrotti

© 2020 Adriana Cerrotti

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